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After a truck accident you should contact immediately with an experienced truck accident attorney from LC TRUCK ACCIDENT LAWYER. There are specific steps that must be taken in the complaint investigation process of a truck accident. There are documents to fill out, scheduled damage checks, and of course, steps to correctly diagnose and treat injuries. Outside of normal everyday life, handling all these steps in the right way can be a daunting task. Experienced attorneys can pay special attention to these procedures, eliminating the need to deal with them on their own.
There is nothing more devastating than sinking into a shipwreck on a semi-trailer. Your injuries can be life-threatening and medical costs can run into the tens of thousands of dollars. Your insurance may not cover all of your expenses, and you may struggle just to try to get your life back. We are here to help. If you are injured in a truck accident, don’t wait any longer.
If you are a victim of a truck accident, the insurance company may ask you to gather information about the accident. Be prepared for tough conversations. They asked detailed questions about what happened. Remember that these moderators can use what you say in these conversations with you.

When the first offer from the insurance company arrives, you can refuse it. The first offer may be less than what you should get, but the insurance company expects you to get the money. Say no and consider hiring a truck accident lawyer.
If the evidence in your case is strongly supported by you, an experienced truck accident attorney from LC TRUCK ACCIDENT LAWYER will use it efficiently. You or your attorney can use copies of your medical records to compare settlements in similar cases and prepare you to testify with a professional medical witness.

Road Traffic Accident Victims Can Incur Many Costs, Including:

Medical expenses related to the incident
Expenses or rehabilitation or physical therapy
Loss of income and benefits if you can’t work
Being hurt and injured
Loss of benefits due to loss of life

What Can You Do After a Truck Accident?
Please contact an experienced truck accident attorney from LC TRUCK ACCIDENT LAWYER as soon as possible after the incident occurs. It is important to collect evidence from the scene of the accident, such as images from security cameras, witness statements, vehicle inspection, accident scene images, and road conditions. All of this can be lost over time if you don’t act quickly to protect and store evidence.

The first thing to do is to see a doctor if necessary. Please note that you may not feel injured until several days after the accident.
If there is no accident, remember to notify the authorities.
Stay at the accident scene and collect information such as name, phone number, and insurance information from the truck driver.
If possible, photograph damaged vehicles and trucks.
If you have witnesses, ask them to use the phone to provide a brief video statement.
Find a truck accident lawyer from LC TRUCK ACCIDENT LAWYER with experience.
If you are contacted by an insurance company, please refer them to a truck accident lawyer from LC TRUCK ACCIDENT LAWYER.

Why Truck Accidents Are Different Than Other Accidents
Commercial truck drivers are professionals who must receive special training and follow special safety rules, but many truckers and the companies they work for are not aware of the potential safety risks. . If safety issues are left unchecked, people can injure themselves.
There is often more data, such as logs, and shipping company logs. A truck company should perform end-of-day inspections and written reports to document any new faults or defects found while driving the truck. Truckers, third-party maintenance companies, manufacturers, and freight/shippers are all responsible. Truck accidents are very different from truck accidents and others. Experience is very important when dealing with injury cases involving a truck. Truckers are subject to a complex set of federal and state laws and regulations governing service hours, maintenance and inspection requirements, and other safety protocols.


What can I do immediately
after a truck accident?

Contact to meet with a truck accident lawyer from LC TRUCK ACCIDENT LAWYER to discuss your case and see how we can help you
immediately after a truck accident.

What are the regularities a truck
company needs to complete?

Every truck companies need

Perform pre-move checks to
ensure truck and truck safety.

Regularly inspect, repair
and maintain all trucks.

Review and sign the most
recent vehicle inspection report to ensure that any necessary repairs have been

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